Tervisekassa teostab hooldustöid ajavahemikul 29.09.-30.09.2023 kell 22.00-04.00. Kindlustatuse ja retsepti andmed ei ole portaalis sellel ajavahemikul kättesaadavad.

National eBooking system

Using eBooking, it possible to view all Your referrals and bookings (as well as for persons, represented by you) in one view.
The free timeslots for primary out-patient visits to healthcare specialists of all Estonian Healthcare service providers (integrated with the system), can be found and used for boooking. The bookings can also be changed or cancelled.

In case You will have any questions or technical problems, please contact with our HelpDesk by phone (+372 794 3943 (7:00 - 22:00)) or by e-mail at help@tehik.ee.


  • 2021-03-11 00:29

    Covid-19 vaccinations service is now open in National e-Booking System:
    - Log in using either Smart-ID, Mobile-ID or ID card.
    - If you are in the target group of people to be vaccinated, a notification page will appear after you have logged in.
    - You will be automatically directed to the Covid-19 vaccination search view in case your healthcare provider has opened vaccination time slots.
    - Please find suitable time slot and book it through e-Booking system.
    - Be sure to get to the vaccination on time. In case it is not possible to show up please notify the healthcare provider as soon as possible.